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We understand the vital importance of home-based supportive care agencies in fostering personal growth and independence for individuals across all age groups. Our New Jersey-based agency, established in July 2021, specializes in assisting kids, teens, and adults in achieving their full potential, with particular emphasis on transitioning adults with special needs.

Active Community Services LLC is committed to being a reliable partner on your journey toward self-reliance and personal growth. Trust in us to provide the compassionate support and guidance needed to help you overcome obstacles and embrace the bright future that lies ahead.


To inspire people with disabilities to achieve their life goals by providing individualized support.


An inclusive community where individuals with disabilities are given the opportunity to reach their fullest potential in life.


  • Communication – keeping the lines open for a brighter future.
  • Compassion – understanding the sensitive needs of everyone.
  • Fun – Stopping to smell the roses along the way.
  • Integrity – saying and doing what we mean.
  • Respect – treating everyone with high regard.
  • Safety – promoting a healthy environment.
  • Teamwork – working together toward our common vision.

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Woman with autistic child both holding a yoga mat